Drama “1122: For a Happy Marriage” information release!

We are pleased to announce the release of information on the drama “1122: For a Happy Marriage” which we are producing!

<Outline of the work>

『1122: For a Happy Marriage』

Exclusive and worldwide distribution on Prime Video scheduled for early summer 2024.

Based on the novel “1122” by Peko Watanabe (published in Kodansha’s “Morning Two”)

Cast: Mitsuki Takahata, Masaki Okada, etc.

Screenplay : Kaori Imaizumi Director : Rikiya Imaizumi

Planning/Producer : Junko Sato

Production: murmur Production Production: Lat-Lon

©Peko Watanabe/KODANSHA Ltd  Ⓒmurmur Co., Ltd.

Photo cooperation : Décolleté Co.

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Based on Peco Watanabe’s “1122,” a highly acclaimed novel about marriage that stirred up a new way of thinking about married couples.

The live-action version will be directed by Rikiya Imaizumi, who has been in the limelight for “by the window” (22) and “Undercurrent” (23). The screenplay is written by Imaizumi’s wife, Kaori Imaizumi, who won the “Children’s Jury Prize,” the runner-up prize in the “Generation K Plus” category at the Berlin International Film Festival, where 11 children serve on the jury, for her film “Just Pretend to Hear” (12), making this their first film together as a couple.

Mitsuki Takahata, who is active in many fields including the TV drama “unknown” (TV Asahi) and the stage play “Jewel Clock” (April), and Masaki Okada, who shows a completely different face in the movies “Drive My Car” (21) and “Yutori desuka nanika” as well as in stage and TV dramas, will appear together for the first time.



Wife, Ichiko Aihara (Mitsuki Takahata), a web designer. Husband, Otoya Aihara (Masaki Okada), works for a stationery manufacturer.
They are a couple who get along well and can talk about anything like friends.
They don’t have sex and don’t have children, but they get along just fine…
But we have a “secret.

On the third Thursday night of every month, my husband spends time with his girlfriend.

They have been married for seven years and have chosen to have an “extramarital affair permit system” to keep their marriage on an even keel.
Otoya has a “girlfriend” whom Ichiko also approves of.
This is the real life of a couple in their 30s, and is intended for all those who have not given up on the idea of “being together.

At first glance, theirs appears to be a peculiar and awkward relationship. But what happens after the story ends with “happily ever after”? This is a story that follows the “happy ending” of “marriage.



Mitsuki Takahata

1122.” Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-? Hmm? What do you read this title? Ah, a good couple! Sounds interesting! And that was a few years ago when I picked up the comic book. As I read the story, I found each character clumsy and lovable, and the storyline became more and more intriguing, and I was sure that it would be fun if it were made into a drama. However, there are many challenging scenes, so I thought it might not be able to be fully depicted in a terrestrial TV program. So, I was very happy when I was offered the role of Ichiko in the drama and after many months had passed, I was very happy to hear about it. The Imaizumi group is full of nice, calm, and fun people. With Okada-san, who faces us with receptivity. I will do my best to deliver a good drama to you all early next summer!

Masaki Okada

I had watched Director Imaizumi’s films and found them fascinating, so I wanted to work with him and experience firsthand the atmosphere of his workplaces.
He has created an environment that is comfortable and easy to work in, and his staff is trustworthy and sensitive to the slightest emotional turmoil. It is a wonderful place to work. This was my first time working with Mr. Takahata, and I felt that I could get a clearer picture of Otoya’s character by focusing on Ichiko and Mr. Takahata, rather than on their roles.
The film itself is a very sensitive and sensitive story, but I believe it is a story of a couple’s rebirth.
I hope that the audience will be able to see the couple through to the end.

Director : Rikiya Imaizumi

I am shooting the drama “1122” with Ms. Takahata and Mr. Okada and other actors.
It is a story about people who are in love, thinking and worrying about each other, sometimes clumsily, sometimes comically, but still very seriously, in order to be with the person next to them forever.
Ms. Takahata’s cheerfulness and care. Mr. Okada’s sensitivity and good-naturedness. I hope to make this a great film with these two charming people who are more attractive as human beings than as actors.
Please look forward to it.

Screenplay : Kaori Imaizumi

From the time I first read the original story to the completion of the script, I kept thinking: What is a “good marriage”? I wanted to make sure that the core of the script was consistent with the original story without destroying the worldview.
While thinking about this, I wanted to make sure that the script was consistent with the original story without destroying the worldview.
I hope that the wonderful “1122” will be conveyed to you all, where you can think that although a person may be able to live alone, it is nice to be with someone else.

original author:Peko Watanabe

The other day I visited the set and watched the filming. I was overwhelmed by the way the actors created realistic characters from the manga through their own bodies, and the way the director and the professional staff gathered together to create a work of great energy. I am very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a spectacular visualization. I hope that this will continue to be an opportunity for all involved to showcase their abilities. I hope that those of you who enjoyed the original work will also be able to see it with full anticipation. It was truly wonderful and I would like to thank you all for your support at ……! I am also looking forward to the completion of the film from the bottom of my heart.