The film “The Hotel of my Dream” information release!

We are pleased to announce the release of information on the drama “The Hotel of my Dream” which we are producing!

<Outline of the work>

『The Hotel of my Dream』

Roadshow throughout Japan in December 2024.

Based on the novel “The Hotel of my Dream”by Asako Yuzuki  (Published by Shincho Bunko)

Cast: Non, etc.

Director : Yukihiko Tsutsumi

Producer : Tsuta Tashiro

Production: murmur


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A rookie writer, Kayoko, who was discarded like trash by the publishing industry, makes her explosive debut in the literary world!

A tale of female rebellion filled with continuous catharsis! With an indomitable spirit, she strikes back!! …Or does she!?




It was a very rewarding project. Kayoko’s ambition is reckless and she doesn’t choose her means, drawing both enemies and allies to her side for her own goals, which I found refreshing. This absurd, forceful, and exhilarating story is sure to bring energy and courage to many people. Filming was truly fun! Playing a character like Kayoko, who has a strength I’ve never portrayed before, and seeing her forcefully carve out her own path, made me feel a deep sense of empathy. The sense of fulfillment from everyone on set enjoying the creation of this work was incredible, and it filled me with happiness, making me realize just how amazing a film set can be.
I think Director Tsutsumi is a charismatic figure, and I had always hoped to be part of a Tsutsumi project, so it felt like a dream come true. Because of that, I was extremely nervous and had to keep my cool, maintaining a poker face throughout the filming period. Although I imagined the scenes I read in the script in various ways, I was surprised by unexpected directions every day, and each scene was exciting.

P.S. It was fun to hear Director Tsutsumi’s puns on set.


The original story is so fascinating that while exploring unique points of interest with the actors and staff that only a movie can offer, and even filming on location at the real Yamano Ue Hotel, we had a blast and ended up creating a wonderfully charming and slightly bittersweet film!
This is largely thanks to the power of our lead actress, Non. No matter what she wears or how she looks, Non delivers a captivating performance with a wonderful presence. Her eyes brim with an almost magical intensity. Be sure to watch it in theaters. It will make you feel good.


I was very excited when I heard about the film adaptation, but I had concerns about whether there was an actor in Japan who could play Kayoko without being disliked and whether we could get permission to film at the Yamano Ue Hotel. However, those worries proved to be unfounded. Non’s fearless demeanor and the Yamano Ue Hotel were perfect. I almost cried many times, seeing reflections of myself when I first debuted, but I truly shed tears during the scene where she desperately tries to win over the bookstore clerk.
This film has turned into a dazzling, slightly bitter, and exceptionally entertaining literary picaresque comedy, perfect for the Christmas season of 2024 when the Yamano Ue Hotel will be closed for renovation!


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